Audi Automatic Gearbox

Audi multitronic CVT Automatic Gearbox VL300 ECU 01J927156HT Flashing

Audi multitronic CVT Automatic Gearbox VL300 ECU 01J927156HT Flashing
Audi multitronic CVT Automatic Gearbox VL300 ECU 01J927156HT Flashing
Audi multitronic CVT Automatic Gearbox VL300 ECU 01J927156HT Flashing

Audi multitronic CVT Automatic Gearbox VL300 ECU 01J927156HT Flashing    Audi multitronic CVT Automatic Gearbox VL300 ECU 01J927156HT Flashing
READ FURTHER FOR THE DETAILS. THIS IS A CLONING SERVICE. YOU HAVE TO SEND OLD UNIT AND THE REPLACEMENT TCM WE WILL CLONE IT AND SEND THEM BACK TO YOU. We can clone ALL Multitronic TCM's incl JG hardware with immobilizer installed or make immobilizer OFF. And reprogame it with other JG software so you can use it in a other car, in this case we only need 1 TCM from you.

You have a faulty multitronic Hytronic VL381 VL300 or V30? We are able to clone it to a "2nd USED" tcm up to 2016, so in short...

A Used multitronic VL381 VL300 or V30 reuse? That is not possible without programming. We can can program a new or used VL381 VL300 or V30 so that it can be inserted with the correct data and codes in a multitronic. This gives you no problems with additional fault code (provided that 100% used VL300 or V30 is OK), immobilizer or re-teach the computer by approved dealer. What type do I need? Make sure the computer numbers match as much as possible. What we need from you : We need the faulty TCM and TCM replacement from you, so we get 2 TCM'S from you in shippment you send us. Please mark the defective one with a label marked "defect" on it.

So be sure you can read them usin. G a VAS/Odis tester or equivalent scanner. Like Autologic, original Launch or VCDS before you send it yo us. Put the TCM in a double plastic bag and Use bubble wrap etc.

This for oil residu or clean it very well with break cleaner. We DO NOT recommend using any other services on this specific case. Also Extreme rare VW T4 38pin tcm's for sale like (see other listings, If not listed just ask). 098927731 B / 5DG 006 961-32 Petrol 2.5. 098927731 AA / 5DG 006 411-14 Diesel 2.4.

098927731 AB / 5DG 007 411-15 Petrol 2.5. 098927731 T / 5DG 007 411-13 Petrol 2.5. 098927731 K / 5DG 006 961-68 Petrol 2.5. 098927731 R / 5DG 006 961-61 Petrol 2.5.

098927731 A / 5DG 006 961-31 Petrol. 098927731 M / 5DG 006 961-41 Diesel 2.4. 098927731 L / 5DG 006 961-69 Diesel 2.4. Any questions please ask them first. AUDI 01J927156JG 01J927156JG TEMIC 00402516A3. AUDI 01J927156JK 01J927156JK TEMIC 00402417A2. AUDI 01J927156JK 01J927156JK TEMIC 00402417A5. AUDI 4B0910155 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107434A2. AUDI 4B0910155 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107434A3.

AUDI 4B0910155B 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107436A2. AUDI 4B0910155B 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107436A3. AUDI 4B0910155C 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107437A1. AUDI 4B0910155C 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107437A2. AUDI 4B0910155C 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107437A3.

AUDI 4B0910155C 01J927156JK TEMIC 00402417A2. AUDI 4B0910155D 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107438A1. AUDI 4B0910155D 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107438A2. AUDI 4B0910155D 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107438A3. AUDI 4B0910155G 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107441A1. AUDI 4B0910155G 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107441A2.

AUDI 4B0910155G 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107441A3. AUDI 4B0910155G 01J927156JK TEMIC 00402417A5. AUDI 4B0910155K 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107444A2. AUDI 4B0910155K 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107444A3.

AUDI 4B0910155L 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107485A2. AUDI 4B0910155M 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107486A2.

AUDI 4B0910155M 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107486A3. AUDI 4B0910155N 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107487A2. AUDI 4B0910155N 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107487A3. AUDI 4B0910155P 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107488A2. AUDI 4B0910155Q 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107489A2.

AUDI 4B0910155S 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107491A2. AUDI 4B0910155T 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107492A2. AUDI 4B0910156B 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107495A3. AUDI 4B0910156F 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402303A1.

AUDI 4B0910156G 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402304A1. AUDI 4B0910156H 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402305A1. AUDI 4B0910156M 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402305A1.

AUDI 4B0910156M 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402524A1. AUDI 4B0910156N 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402525A1. AUDI 4B1910155A 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107437A2. AUDI 4B1910155A 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107437A3. AUDI 4B1910155A 01J927156HH TEMIC 00401030A2. AUDI 4B1910155A 01J927156HN TEMIC 00402417A1. AUDI 4B1910155A 01J927156JK TEMIC 00402417A2. AUDI 4B1910155B 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107488A2.

AUDI 4B1910155F 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107436A2. AUDI 4B1910155F 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107436A3. AUDI 4B1910155G 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107487A2. AUDI 4B1910155K 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107425A3. AUDI 4B1910155K 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107428A3.

AUDI 4B1910155K 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107438A1. AUDI 4B1910155K 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107438A2.

AUDI 4B1910155K 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107438A3. AUDI 4B1910155K 01J927156HN TEMIC 00402417A1.

AUDI 4B1910155K 01J927156JK TEMIC 00402417A2. AUDI 4B1910155K 01J927156JK TEMIC 00402417A3. AUDI 4B1910155K 01J927156JK TEMIC 00402417A5. AUDI 4B1910155L 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107489A2. AUDI 4B1910155Q 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107434A2.

AUDI 4B1910155Q 01J927156JK TEMIC 00402417A2. AUDI 4E2910155 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107426A3. AUDI 4F0910155M 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107502A3. AUDI 4F0910155M 01J927156HT TEMIC 00401499A1. AUDI 4F0910155M 01J927156HT TEMIC 00401499A2. AUDI 4F0910155M 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402418A1. AUDI 4F0910157J 01J927156JG TEMIC 00402516A3. AUDI 4F0910157K 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402418A1. AUDI 4F1910155B 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402309A1. AUDI 4F1910155D 01J927156JG TEMIC 00402516A1. AUDI 4F1910155E 01J927156JG TEMIC 00402516A1. AUDI 4F1910155F 01J927156JG TEMIC 00402516A1.

AUDI 4F1910155F 01J927156JG TEMIC 00402516A3. AUDI 4F1910155F 01J927156JG TEMIC 00402528A1.

AUDI 4F1910155H 01J927156JG TEMIC 00402516A3. AUDI 4F2910155G 01J927156JG TEMIC 00402516A4. AUDI 4F2910155H 01J927156JG TEMIC 00402516A4. AUDI 4F2910155N 01J927156JG TEMIC 00402516A3. AUDI 4F2910155N 01J927156JG TEMIC 00402516A4.

AUDI 4F5910155R 01J927156JG TEMIC 00402516A4. AUDI 4F5910155S 01J927156JG TEMIC 00402516A4. AUDI 4F5910157H 01J927156JG TEMIC 00402516A6. AUDI 4F9910155B 01J927156JG TEMIC 00402516A5. AUDI 8E0910155 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107410A3. AUDI 8E0910155 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107410A4. AUDI 8E0910155A 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107424A3. AUDI 8E0910155B 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107425A1. AUDI 8E0910155B 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107425A2. AUDI 8E0910155B 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107425A3. AUDI 8E0910155B 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107436A1. AUDI 8E0910155B 01J927156JK TEMIC 00402417A5.

AUDI 8E0910155C 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107426A1. AUDI 8E0910155C 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107426A2.

AUDI 8E0910155C 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107426A3. AUDI 8E0910155C 01J927156JK TEMIC 00402417A2. AUDI 8E0910155E 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107428A1. AUDI 8E0910155E 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107428A2. AUDI 8E0910155E 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107428A3.

AUDI 8E0910155E 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107441A2. AUDI 8E0910155E 01J927156JK TEMIC 00402417A2. AUDI 8E0910155E 01J927156JK TEMIC 00402417A3.

AUDI 8E0910155G 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107430A1. AUDI 8E0910155G 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107430A2. AUDI 8E0910155G 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107430A3. AUDI 8E0910155J 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107426A3. AUDI 8E0910155J 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107432A1. AUDI 8E0910155J 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107432A2.

AUDI 8E0910155J 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107432A3. AUDI 8E0910155K 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107433A1.

AUDI 8E0910155K 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107433A2. AUDI 8E0910155K 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107433A3. AUDI 8E0910155M 01J927156HT TEMIC 00401488A1. AUDI 8E0910155M 01J927156HT TEMIC 00401488A2.

AUDI 8E0910155N 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107475A2. AUDI 8E0910155N 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107475A3. AUDI 8E0910155P 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107476A2. AUDI 8E0910155Q 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107477A2.

AUDI 8E0910155R 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402309A1. AUDI 8E0910155S 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107479A2. AUDI 8E0910155S 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107479A3. AUDI 8E0910155T 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107480A3. AUDI 8E0910156H 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107481A. AUDI 8E0910156H 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402418A6. AUDI 8E0910156K 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107483A2. AUDI 8E0910156K 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107488A2. AUDI 8E0910156K 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402418A2. AUDI 8E0910156L 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107484A2. AUDI 8E0910156L 01J927156HT TEMIC 00107484A3. AUDI 8E0910156L 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402418A1.

AUDI 8E0910156L 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402418A2. AUDI 8E0910156P 01J927156HH TEMIC 00107431A4.

AUDI 8E0910157H 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402301A1. AUDI 8E0910157H 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402302A1.

AUDI 8E0910157H 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402303A1. AUDI 8E0910157H 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402305A1. AUDI 8E0910157H 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402418A1. AUDI 8E0910157H 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402418A2.

AUDI 8E0910157H 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402525A1. AUDI 8E0910157J 01J927156HH TEMIC 00401030A2. AUDI 8E0910157L 01J927156HT TEMIC 00401149A3.

AUDI 8E0910159 01J927156HT TEMIC 00401491A2. AUDI 8E0910159 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402305A1. AUDI 8E0910159 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402418A1.

AUDI 8E0910159 01J927156HT TEMIC 00402418A2. The item "Audi multitronic CVT Automatic Gearbox VL300 ECU 01J927156HT Flashing" is in sale since Sunday, April 22, 2018. This item is in the category "Auto's, motoren\ onderdelen en accessoires\Auto\ reserveonderdelen\Elektrische onderdelen\Overig". The seller is "anet1834" and is located in Lunteren. This item can be shipped worldwide.
Audi multitronic CVT Automatic Gearbox VL300 ECU 01J927156HT Flashing    Audi multitronic CVT Automatic Gearbox VL300 ECU 01J927156HT Flashing